2 Fruits That Are Good For Your Sex Life

2 Fruits That Are Good For Your Sex Life

Many factors affect our intercourse life negatively today that we don’t know. Everything from your menstrual cycle to how much stress you’re under at work can cause a slight change in your intercourse life. However, sometimes, a sudden change in your desire for intimacy could also be a sign of an underlying medical problem. 

Fruits are natural diets that are endowed with numerous benefits. Eating certain kinds of foods can help you manage some health issues. In this piece in line with a publication on “Healthline”, we shall be looking at two fruits that are good for your intercourse life.


According to a study, apples may have a positive effect on female intercourse drive. It has been revealed that women who consumed an apple a day reported a better and quality intercourse life. And for the males, eating apples regularly can help you treat erectile dysfunction as it may support blood flow to the male private part.


This is one of the most popular watery fruits in the world. The potential benefits associated with watermelon can not be underestimated. However, it is a natural source of citrulline. An excellent amino acid that may support better hard-on. Moreover, men who consume watermelon regularly have an increase in blood flow to their private part


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