Ben Hundeyin Shares His Experience After Disguising As A Civillian And Drove A Private Car In Lagos

Ben Hundeyin Shares His Experience After Disguising As A Civillian And Drove A Private Car In Lagos

The Public Relations officer of the Lagos state Police command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin has recently shared his experience after he carried out a social experiment to investigate the attitude of Police officers towards civillians in Lagos state.

The top Police officer shared his experience in a chain of tweets on his official Twitter page on Thursday, 22nd of September 2022.

According to the report shared by Ben Hundeyin, he said that he finally carried out his social experiment and that he drove around Ikeja at about 11:50 p.m. in mufti while driving in a private car.

Ben Hundeyin said that he passed through two police check points and that he spent about five seconds at the first check point without a word from the police officer. Ben Hundeyin said that the Police officer he met at the first check point only waved him on.

According to Ben, he said that he spent thirty seconds at the second check point and that the officer he met there asked him if he was a Taxi driver but he answered no.

Ben said that the officer went further to ask him to give him some money but that he told the police officer that he does not have any money on him. Ben said that the police officer later asked him to go.

Ben revealed that at the two check points where he was flagged down, he immediately switched on his cabin light and wound down the glass on his side. He went on to say that he greeted the officers first and that at the second check point he smiled and deliberately appeared friendly.

Ben noted that the officers did not recognize him, neither did he identify himself to them. Ben said that his vehicle papers were not even asked for and that he is positive there are many people with similar experiences out there.

However, the Police officer said that he knows there are different strokes for different people, but that he is sure that respect is reciprocal. Ben said that people should appreciate the police officers who stand out there all day and night for lesser pay.

Ben urged people not to be condescending, unnecessarily aggressive, and docile. He also said that people should always be firm with their rights and make sure not to take the laws in their hands.

While concluding his tweets, Ben said that there is not Utopia anywhere and that people should report the few bad eggs in the Police and that the higher authorities will continue to do internal cleansing.

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