Boehly leads race to take over Chelsea

Boehly leads race to take over Chelsea

Todd Boehly the cofounder of investment firm Eldridge is most likely going to get the top bid for Chelsea football club.

The previous week went by with millions of speculations at to which will eventually get hold of the Chelsea position.

Several bids have been laid down by other top individuals,but Tod seem to be the most likely person to get the offer.

Boehly got most of Eldridge’s first assets from Guggenheim

He also has insurer Security Benefit, which gives him a deal of financing to this day,hence giving him the much needed financial prowess.

He currently worth averagely €4.8 billion which implies that he will spend a huge of his fortune should the deal go through.

Notable other investors have reached out to Roman Abramovich,and his indecisiveness has led to various contemplation of the potential person who might take charge of Chelsea ownership in the coming season..

Pundits however suspect that Tod boherly has the highest financial capability to take over the London club.

Tod boherly who owns the including The Hollywood reporter a top firm noted for it’s financial stand.

He also own Security Benefit to found Eldridge, a private holding company which invests in various industries.

Another Reputable company in his hand is the Dick Clark production. The studio has produced American music award including several other shows of high rank that has won several awards to it’s name.

He also co- own a couple of real estate firm with branches in London United kingdom, Cain international,the highly reputable Wilson international.

He recently invested in Ai, gaming technology,digital health technology,and a host of other brands.

Tod has often been an advocate of Diversification, little wonder he decided to invest in football.

He has often campaign that investor spread their tentacles into different business .

He his a graduate of London school of economics

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