Diego Maradona: THE UNTOLD SECRET.

Diego Maradona: THE UNTOLD SECRET.

Diego Maradona was reportedly dead as a result of a heart attack at his home in Argentina.

Diego Maradona: THE UNTOLD SECRET.

He died at age 60 with several shadows surrounding his untimely death.

He was earlier diagnosed with a brain blood clot due to intense alcohol intake.

He was undoubtedly a hero as his popular hand of God scenario in Mexico against almighty west Germany will forever remain memorable in our heads.

He was one of the most renowned football players of all time.

He had a divorce in 2004 after struggles with both his personal life and marital life.

His alcohol addiction was at its peak that it affected every sphere of his life, even after several warnings from the doctors and health personnel, yet he paid no attention until he met his doom.

The president of Argentina announced several days of mourning in the nation, and football matches in all nation declared several minutes of silence for him before kickoff.

He is referred all over the world even despite the fact that he only won the World Cup once, and two champion’s league with Napoli.

However, it was reported by Italian media that he was a drug addict and other allegations to which he was connected.

He was charged after several court proceedings and found guilty.

His lawyers tried to plead for him but he was however charged and was given 15 months’ suspension, the longest by any player at that time.

After returning to the game he was further hit with more scandals, it was reported that he was on drugs during the 1994 world cup and was subjected to a medical checkup which was eventually found to be positive, hence leading to his dismissal in the quarterfinal round of the world cup.

Maradona was a great player with great talent and could have gotten more accomplishments in his lifetime if he had been a little more disciplined and avoided drugs and alcohol.

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