Erik ten Hag getting closer to man united job

Hag in Newscasle airport

Arsenal suffers another defeat

Boehly leads race to take over Chelsea

Erik ten Hag

Erik ten Hag success in ajax has linked him to a top managerial role at manchester united. Our sources gathered that the Ajax man is the favorite to get the position.

Erik ten hag tactics has made him a big name in the football community, pundits reveals that an Erik ten hag Manchester United will make waves in the Champions league.

Erik ten hag philosophy of football hasn’t gone without recognition to the football community.

He was spotted lately at Newscasle airport with thoughts that he might be moving to Manchester to finalize negotiation as many deciding factors are involved to finalize his move as Manchester United coach.

it was however reported that most of the top players in the team tends to prefer Antonio Conte, ahead of the of him.

Manchester United are currently struggling in the premier league table only after a lucky win over Norwich city, thanks to a Cristiano Ronaldo hattrick to give them the much needed three points.

The director looks to reinforce the team with new players in the summer to boost the team efficiency,coupled with hag introduction into the team.

The top four looks shady for Manchester United after loosing several points, however hopes are high that with the appointment of the new coach,things will turn out better and take the team back to the days of glory as it is noted for.

The appointment of hag will also see that he brings the premier league team back as one of the top contenders for the champions league.

Hag success as a top manager is by no means a feat other coaches haven’t been able to achieve in several years.

The Dutchman has verbally decided to take the job on a four years contract basis and has vowed to implement discipline in the man united team as well as winning numerous trophies for the team, thereby bringing the team back to its notable glorious days as a formidable European team full of zeal and international repute.

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