Jay Okocha Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Salary, Family, House, Cars

Bolton team pays tribute to the astonishing Jay-Jay Okocha.

Sam Allardyce was right when he said he was so good that he had to be named twice “jay jay”. This was the story of astonishing jay jay okocha whose prowess at Bolton was topnotch.

Jay jay was truly a legend

The Nigerian international who is one of the most regarded legend at Bolton has astonishing records with the team, owing to his skills, intelligence,  unique touch, pace, vision and  foresight with the ball.

Bolton made him the most expensive premier league player in 1998 with about 14 million euros price tag placed on him, this happened after he left PSG as a free agent following the inability of psg to renew his contract.

Jay-Jay Okocha

He has scored over 89 goals in 454 games, having played in 7 different clubs which include Borrussia Neunkirchen, Eintracht Frankfurt, Fernerbache, Paris Saint Germain, Bolton Wanderers, Qatar SC before having his final dose at Hull city in England where he managed 18 games without any goal due to lack of playing time.

Jay Okocha Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Salary, Family, House, Cas

International career

Jay Jay okocha represented nigeria between 1993 till late 2006 making a total of 73 appearances for the super eagles team scoring 14 goals in all competition.


Notable amongst his performance is the 1994 African cup of nations in Tunisia, Second place in Nigeria-Ghana 2000, Third place team in Mali 2002, Tunisia 2004 and Egypt 2006.

Atlanta 1996 olympics game will forever remain notable in the minds of Nigeria as Nigeria Male Team clinged the gold medal.

Eintracht Frankfurt

Okocha days at Germany was full of so many uos and down, from the racism dominated in Germany till having a black man with such unique skills, Okocha was often caught saying the best way to keep the mouth of the germans shut was to dribble them on the field with his skills.

okocha scored 18 goals in 90 appearance for the german club.

Hull City

His days at hull city was filled with lack of playing time as he complained having to train for a whole week only to play for five mins in a match wasn’t just for him, hence leading to one of his major reason for his early retirem ent from the game. he was only fielded 18 times with most of it coming from being a substitute.

He managed to have 18 appearance without any goal.

Early life of Okocha.

Okocha was a notable footballer in the street of enugu, south east nigeria, his major youth days were played in the enugu before his breakthrough to Germany.

Okocha’s list of individual awards includes:

Notable amongst his achievement is Bolton wanderes player of the year in 2004, African cup of Nation Top scorer in 2004 and BBC African player of the year in 2004


Okocha left Germany for Turkey in the summer of 1996, his days at germany was one of the height of his career with a whooping 30 goal scored in 62 matches, averaging one goal in every two games for the turkish side. He played for Fernerbache between 1996 till 2002.

Paris saint Germain eventually grew interest in the skillful player purchasing him in the summer of 2002.

Paris Saint-Germain

His move to Paris saint Germain wasn’t the best for him, as adapting to a life in France didn’t go too well for him, he managed to score 12 goals in 84 matches before being allowed to leave on a free agent after contract renewal broke down.

Jay Okocha. Wife and children.

Okocha is married to his long term girlfriend Nkechi and they are blessed with two children Ajay and Daniella.

Our verdict

Okocha is one of the foremost African legend, any day, anytime, his name will forever ring bell in the head of every Nigerian as the 1996 Olympics will forever remain epic.

Pundit reveals he could have won more, but so many restrain due to high level of Racism during his time.


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