Messi–Ronaldo rivalry: The truth

The past decade has been filled with one of the most undoubted football rivalry of all times.

The list commences with Pele and Maradona, Ronaldinho and okocha, and now it’s all about Ronaldo and the Messi.

The only way to judge this is by checking statistics and goal ratio, as these is the only criteria to actually decipher who the best player is.

No matter the favoritism, bias, or undue attachment, the only way to really judge both players is by statistics.


Messi recently won his 7th Ballon d or some couple of months ago, as Ronaldo has only managed to secure 5 only.

Both players have won Fifa player of the year just once in all their individual careers.

Ronaldo tops in best Fifa male player, having won it twice in a row, as Messi has only managed to win it once.

Messi won the Fifa golden boy award during his under 20 days after Argentina’s golden generation of youngsters clinched the FIFA under 20 world cup, however, Ronaldo never had to opportunity to experience that luxury.

Messi has played 538 domestic games scoring 476 goals in total while Ronaldo has played 635 domestic league games scoring 491 in total.

Messi has played 101 Domestic cups games scoring a whopping 70 goals which is a height that hasn’t been attained by any other player, Ronaldo has only managed 51 goals in 93 appearances.

When it comes to assist, Messi has been the king of the game as he leads all-time assist with a whooping 226 player assist to his name, as Ronaldo has less that 150 assists in all competition despite playing more games and being involved in more competition that his counterpart


The statistics have spoken for themselves, your bias notwithstanding.

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