Policewoman Who Was Assaulted By Prof Zainab Abiola Reveals What Transpired Between Her And The Prof

Policewoman Who Was Assaulted By Prof Zainab Abiola Reveals What Transpired Between Her And The Prof

Just recently, we learnt of the assault of a female police officer, Inspector Teju Moses, by a legal practitioner and human rights activist, Prof Zainab Duke, her domestic staff and another male suspect. Recall that Inspector Teju was an Orderly (a person charged with the conveyance and execution of orders) to the Professor but was reportedly beaten up for refusing to do house chores.

However, according to a recent report, the policewoman on Friday, opened up on what actually transpired between her and Prof. Zainab. She said that the Professor wanted to turn her into a full time house girl. She said that everything started after she helped Prof Zainab to take her things to the car and she said she should open the gate and she refused because it was raining and she was in her uniform.

Inspector Teju said that the Professor picked offence with how she replied, so she kept quiet. However, on the same day, they got to the court and Prof Zainab instructed her to sign some papers but she opposed, noting that she did not know what the papers contained. According to her, Prof Zainab started calling her names on the court premises, saying that she could treat her as she likes because she was a close friend to the IGP’s wife.

Speaking further, Inspector Teju said:

“The next morning, she told me to bring all the carpets in the car to clean them. I explained to her that I could not do so because I was in uniform. She said that she dealt with high ranking officers and I am a piece of cake. I wanted to go in and retrieve my bag but she refused. Instead, she instructed her maid and one other male staff to beat me up. She threatened the maid that she was going to hit her if the maid failed to hit me. They chased me around and hit me with a metal bar that looked like a crowbar”.

Meanwhile, Zainab and her maid have been arrested by the police, while the male suspect is still on the run.

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