The Day I Wanted To Lose My Virginity, My Mom Said I Should Use Cóndom- BBN’s Doyin Says


BBN’s Doyin has just had relationship conversations with other housemates and has made shocking revelations.

During a group conversation in the living room, Doyin said that she told her mother when she wanted to lose her virginity and her mother asked if she was ready and told her to use a cöndom.


Allysyn and many other housemates were shocked by her revelation. Doyin responded by saying, “My mother prefers I have such conversations with her than to have it with someone else”.

Some housemates said her mother is not a Nigerian, adding that a real Nigerian woman wouldn’t allow that.

Bella said her mother expects a cow from her husband before he deflowers her.

Doyin is one of the most lively, friendly, and outspoken housemates in the house. Yesterday, during the Head Of House Game, she cried and was moody when she found out that Cyph has been evicted.

Several times, at Saturday’s Night Party, Doyin shared romantic moments with him.

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