VIDEO: 193 Billion Naira Worth Of Narcotics Was Found In A House In Lagos

193 Billion Naira Worth Of Narcotics Was Found In A House In Lagos

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has discovered and seized 1,855 kilograms of narcotics worth 194 billion naira in a warehouse in a house in Lagos.

In a statement released on Monday, the NDLEA said the arrest was the largest drug bust in the history of the country.

The deadly hard drug was found in a warehouse in a building in a housing complex in Ikorodu area of ​​Ikkon city.

“The petition was seized with a market value of $278,250,000 which is equivalent to N194,775,000,000,” the statement said.

The NDLEA said that during the operation which was well organized through the collection of secret information which was collected for two days in different neighborhoods of Lagos, four major dealers including a Jamaican, and the manager of the house were arrested.

The statement mentions the names of the people, their age and the states they came from, and said that all of them are members of the international drug trafficking group that the NDLEA has been pursuing since 2018.

The sale took place on Sunday, September 18, at house number 6 on Olukuola road in Solebo housing complex in Ikorodu area.

The drug dealers were found in different hotels where they were sheltering in the city of Ikko from Sunday to Monday.

Preliminary investigation shows that the most dangerous cells are caught in this warehouse where the dealers plan to sell them to buyers in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

They were found in 10 large boxes and 13 drums.

NDLEA President Buba Marwa praised the officers of the agency and all the security forces that helped in the investigation, including the US-DEA.

“This operation is a great success against drug traffickers that has never been seen before in history.

“And it is a big warning that shows that all the traffickers have come to their end if they don’t realize that the style has changed,” said Buba Marwa as the statement quoted him as saying.

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