VIDEO: 3 Signs Of Low Sperm Count & Foods You Should Regularly Eat To Avoid It

3 Signs Of Low Sperm Count & Foods You Should Regularly Eat To Avoid It

Most men only worry about the amount and quality of their sperm when they are having trouble getting pregnant. A sperm problem is likely to come as a surprise unless you’ve already undergone cancer treatment, which is known to have a severe influence on fertility, or suffered from a groin/spinal cord injury.

Less than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen is considered to have a low sperm count. It also goes by the name oligospermia.

While just one sperm is required to conceive a woman, having a high sperm count increases the likelihood of conception each month. Low sperm counts are often the cause of male infertility.

What are the signs of low sperm count ?

According to Healthline, the following are signs of low sperm count.

1. If you experience frequent changes in your body or intimate issues like erectile dysfunction or low intimate drive, you may have low sperm counts.

2. You’ll also notice that your body and facial hair are falling out. Males with low sperm counts frequently have less hair and hormonal abnormalities.

3. You might also experience pain or swelling near your testicles. It might be brought on by a drop in sperm count.

Foods You Should Eat To Avoid Low Sperm Count.

According to Healthline, the following are foods you should regularly eat to avoid low sperm count.

1. Oysters & pumpkin seeds.

Zinc is one of the finest elements for male fertility—and reproductive health in general—and is naturally present in pumpkin seeds, oysters, and other shellfish. In addition to enhancing sperm motility and count, zinc also helps to increase testosterone levels.

2. Salmon and sardines.

The abundance of omega-3 fatty acids in fish, notably in salmon, mackerel, anchovies, herring, and sardines, may assist to increase the number and quality of sperm. Try mixing ground flaxseed and chia seeds into smoothies or topping plant-based yoghurt for a vegan or plant-based option.

3. Maca root.

As a sperm quality enhancer, maca root, a medicinal herb from Peru, has a very long history of usage in traditional medicine. In actuality, it is a slightly nutty-tasting powdered root vegetable. Use it in smoothies or sprinkle it over cereal.

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