VIDEO: 5 Effects Of Eating Pomo (Cowskin)

5 Effects Of Eating Pomo (Cowskin)

Cow skin meat, edible cowhide popularly known as Kanda, Kpomo, or Pomo is the hairy covering of a cow. The skin is the largest organ serving as a protective covering of the cow. Ponmo has become a popular local delicacy regardless of social class. According to Healthline, here are the 5 effects of eating pomo.

1. Some companies legally import hides from countries such as Lebanon and Turkey, while the majority of the product is smuggled into the country through porous borders.

2. The imported animal hides are meant for industrial use by leather industries for the manufacturing of items such as shoes, bags, belts, and others.

3. According to Healthline, Colorectal disease is one of the most popular diseases that many people are suffering from. There is a link between consumption of cow skin and an increased risk of colon disease and cancer.

4. Health hazards inherent in the consumption of such animal hides include the risk of liver, kidney, and heart damage, increased risk of Aplastic anemia, central nervous system toxicity, cancer, and more.

5. Livestock farmers are advised to note that industrial animal hides could not be used in the manufacture of animal feed.

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