VIDEO: 5 Organic Foods You Should Start Eating Raw To Gain All Their Nutrients

5 Organic Foods You Should Start Eating Raw To Gain All Their Nutrients

The nutritional value of raw foods has the potential to increase significantly. Over time, experts in food and nutrition have discovered that cooking or heating food causes some minerals and antioxidants to be lost. 

Raw nuts, seeds, and even some vegetables are more nutrient-dense, claims Healthline. For your optimal health, I suggest consuming the following foods raw rather than cooked. Here is a list of them:

1. Nuts. 

It’s standard practice to roast or heat nuts to enhance their flavor and delight. And these days, most people even fry their nuts before eating, which is bad. Research has proven that nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds and others lose part of their nutritious value when they are cooked. Because they are more nutrient-dense and healthy for your body, raw nuts are preferred. 

2. Broccoli.

This cruciferous vegetable has a lot of nutrients and antioxidants. Raw broccoli consumption provides your body with additional nutrients, improving your overall health. Before eating, make sure the broccoli has been thoroughly rinsed with salt water.

3. Onions.

Raw onions have a higher antioxidant (allicin) content than cooked onions. Your blood pressure will drop and your risk of developing heart disease will decrease if you consume raw onions. Sadly, most people are not fans of eating raw onions.

4. Tomato.

Many people enjoy cooking fresh tomatoes for stew as a hobby. Some of the tomato’s vital components are eliminated during cooking. Your body will absorb more antioxidants and nutrients if you eat your tomatoes uncooked. Before eating fresh tomatoes, make sure to give them a thorough wash. 

5. Garlic.

Many people’s food recipes include garlic, which is commonly cooked at high heat. Garlic consumed raw has greater positive health effects than garlic consumed cooked. The strong antioxidant content of raw garlic can help control blood pressure.

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