VIDEO: 6 Underwear Rules Every Woman Should Adhere To For A Healthy Body

6 Underwear Rules Every Woman Should Adhere To For A Healthy Body

Did you know that some textiles are healthier than others, that going commando is sometimes preferable, and that underwear has a shelf life? These unwritten underwear laws may have an impact on your vaginal health and, depending on the style, even your mood.

According to Healthline, there are six rules for women’s underwear to follow in order to keep a healthy private organ.

1. Choose natural fabrics, particularly cotton, in general.

Cotton is the greatest material for underwear. Even if you’ve heard it before, it’s worth repeating because there are so many gorgeous models available in so many different materials.

The vulva is a delicate and sensitive area, akin to your facial lips. It is preferred if used with caution. What kind of simple and soft material may you put on your skin? Cotton, in particular. It is also light and absorbent, making it ideal for preventing yeast infections.

2. You should change your underwear at least twice a day.

We appear to wear one pair of underpants per day and then toss the rest in the washer to be cleaned. This may or may not be required at all times. On the other hand, don’t assume you have to limit yourself to just one pair per day.

If there isn’t a lot of perspiration or discharge, some doctors say you can wear underwear two days in a row. If the accumulation of vaginal discharge gives you discomfort, you can change them more than once a day.

3. Go commando at night to let the moisture out.

It’s debatable if it’s healthful to go to bed without wearing underpants. Any option is appropriate for persons who have a healthy vaginal environment. Those who are prone to yeast infections can benefit considerably from going to bed without a pantie.

Without a textile barrier, the region can air out overnight, reducing moisture buildup and the establishment of a breeding habitat for bacteria.

4. Only exercise in sweat-wicking underwear.

It is a personal choice whether to workout pantie-free or not. You can omit the underwear if you’re wearing shorts with built-in moisture-wicking underwear.

Wearing anything between you and the cloth may be more comfortable and perhaps healthier than putting your hands between you and it to catch sweat. This is typically a light, smooth high-tech polyester.

5. Use hypoallergenic soap to wash your underwear.

Underwear of all types, not just your unique lacy, stringy thongs, should be handled with more care than the rest of your clothing. They are not your “delicates,” so this is not the cause.

The major reason for this is that they rest against your more delicate skin for an extended period of time. Doctors recommend cleaning them with mild, hypoallergenic soap because anything soapy or chemical near the vulva can cause irritation, itching, and allergic responses.

6. You should replace your underwear at least once a year.

It appears a little excessive, especially for something that is routinely washed. Even immaculate underwear can harbour up to 10,000 active bacteria, according to the National Health Service.

Throwing away your underwear every year may not be essential if you don’t have any bacterial concerns, in addition to not being the most environmentally responsible alternative.

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