VIDEO: 7 Hairstyles Rocked By Some Top Footballers In The World

7 Hairstyles Rocked By Some Top Footballers In The World

Some of today’s football players around the world are highly known for their speed and their ability to score goals, while others are well known for the way they dress on the field (hairstyles). As a result of this, we concluded that it would be beneficial to publish an article that would highlight the seven most outlandish haircuts that have been worn by some of the best football players in the world.

1. Nicolas Pepe

Several years ago, while he was still playing his signature position for Ligue 1 powerhouse Angers, Arsenal loaned star midfielder Nicolas Pepe sported a wild hairdo.

2. Taribo West

How Nigerian star footballer Taribo West dresses has earned him a great deal of notoriety in the world of football (hairstyle).

3. Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr., a professional footballer in Brazil, once turned an unpopular match into a rock concert during a friendly competition that Brazil played in a few months ago.

4. Rodrigo Palacio (Uruguay process footballer).

The former Inter Milan Player spotted a rat tail hairstyle. One of the worst hairstyle in football

5. Ethan Ampadu

Ampadu, who is now playing for Spezia on loan from Chelsea, sported an outlandish hairstyle not too long ago.

6. Raul Meireles

The Fenerbahçe star, formerly of Liverpool and Chelsea, here has a particularly menacing beard and Mohawk. It is advisable to avoid making him angry.

7. Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner’s ponytail seems really sad in that picture. It seems like it wants to be a ponytail but just can’t quite pull it off. The Arsenal striker’s ponytail hangs oddly from his fringe and flops at the top of his head, giving the impression that it was put there on purpose for comedic effect.

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