VIDEO: BBN: “My Marriage May Not Last If My Mother Doesn’t Live With Me & My Husband” – Bella

BBN: "My Marriage May Not Last If My Mother Doesn't Live With Me & My Husband" - Bella

Last night, Bella was having an interesting conversation with Doyin and Chizzy in the garden. They were talking about family and the possibility of mothers living in their children’s marital home. It was during this moment that Bella made it known that her marriage may not last if her mother does not live with her and her husband.

According to Bella, she has grown very attached to her mom ever since her father died and she cannot do without her especially when it comes to marriage. She stated that her stubbornness might be a problem and her mother knows how to talk her out of it.

She said, “My Mother living with me and my husband will even make me last long in that marriage because she knows how to advice me.

“My husband will even like her because she will rather support him than me. If my husband complains of my stubbornness, my mother will say yes she knows I am stubborn and caution me.

“Even when my husband messes up and I want to leave the marriage, she is the only one that knows what to say to keep me in the marriage”.

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Source: Big Brother Naija

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