VIDEO: ”Claret Husband Was Apologetic And He Pleaded With His Dying Wife Not To Die” – Eye Witness

''Claret Husband Was Apologetic And He Pleaded With His Dying Wife Not To Die'' - Eye Witness

Claret Opara Bassey’s tragic death has been an unforgettable one for Nigerians in the last couple of days. The Lawyer allegedly lost her life while pursuing her husband after being informed that her husband was hanging out with a lady presumed to be his side chick. 

Claret tried to outrun the car of her husband but unfortunately, she lost control and veered off the road, and the car struck a tree. According to an eyewitness who spoke to The Nations, It was a damaging accident that got the attention of Claret’s husband.

 The eye witness revealed that the man was remorseful about the incident and that he picked up the body of his wife and rushed him to a navy hospital in a bid to save her. The eye witness said, ”He was apologetic before the dying wife and pleaded that she should not die. He rushed the wife to Navy Hospital in Calabar where she was reportedly confirmed dead.”

According to the reports, Claret and her husband have been dating as far back as their secondary school days. This is definitely a tragic ending to a once-sweet relationship.  

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