VIDEO: Don Moen Reveals What To Do When You Feel Hopeless

Don Moen Reveals What To Do When You Feel Hopeless

Don Moen is an American gospel music act. He has been prolific worship and praise leader for many years. He is also a popular face in the Nigerian gospel music world. The gospel musician has taken to his verified Facebook page to share the video of a message he shared in respect of hopelessness and what believers can do when they are under its threat.

The music minister has stressed In his words that, whenever you as a believer feel hopeless and the power of uncertainty seems to pervade your life, hope is the power that triggers the thought to consider the certainty of God’s graciousness for your life. Amid hopelessness, hope is still the power you are to connect to lift you off the grids of uncertainties and hopelessness.

According to Don Moen, hope gives you the confidence that God can still accept you and help you out in all situations, despite the seemingly unworthy life you have lived. Hope in the Lord removes the fear that hopelessness and uncertainty have brought into your heart.

Hope triggers the belief that no matter what you see and go through in the natural, God is working supernaturally to save you and make things work better for you and save you from what hopelessness has brought into your heart.

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