VIDEO: How A Young Man Died After Doing Money Rituals As He Refused To Meet With Its Demands – Dr Olukoya

How A Young Man Died After Doing Money Rituals As He Refused To Meet With Its Demands - Dr Olukoya

Dr Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer Of Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries send an important message to Christians on why they need to deal with the base of the enemy. According to him, every demon belongs to a particular base.

He spoke about why men visit the base of the enemies and said that one of the reasons is that they want to get wealth and riches and later it begins to backfire. He said that it is a dangerous matter when a man has gone to the enemy base, and he did not fulfil their promise, it backfires. He then told a story of how a young man died after doing a money ritual.

The cleric said that he heard this story because they were two of them who went. the second ran back to church when the fellow died. He said that they went into a deep demonic forest to get magic Charm to become rich. They said that they will get the money, but it will be vomited by a serpent so create a place in your bedroom. Whenever they need money, they are just to call the serpent and it will vomit money for them.

They were then told that at a stage, the serpent will make a request and they must fulfil that request. They agreed and money started coming. He acquired money and bought many of new cars in a day. People began to wonder where he got his money from but until one day, they find him dead in his bedroom. The cause of his sudden death was only known by his colleagues.

The colleague said that the serpent came that day. It vomited money as usual but refused to go. He then told them that he has a request and requested for the man’s only son. The man refused and he died immediately after the snake disappeared.

Finally, he said that It was at that point that his friend ran to church (MFM) and needed 47 deliverance before the serpent stopped pushing him. We need to discover the base of the enemy and defeat them there.

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