VIDEO: “How To Know If A Man Only Want S€x Or A Serious Relationship” Blessing CEO Educates Women On Dating

"How To Know If A Man Only Want S€x Or A Serious Relationship" Blessing CEO Educates Women On Dating

Nigerian relationship and mental expert, Blessing CEO, has used her latest video on Instagram to educate women on how to spot a man who only wants s€x or a serious relationship leading to marriage. She made this known in her new video where she said that women’s nativity and pretence are the main reasons why some men use and dumb them. She revealed that it is better to be an intentional woman who knows what she wants, when she wants it, and has a clear plan to identify her aims and objectives before going into a relationship with a man.


She disclosed that a woman should stop deceiving herself and should always try to face any consequences that come her way. She revealed that a woman who is going into a relationship should go into it with the clear intention of identifying what she wants to achieve in the relationship, maybe s€x or marriage. She said that some women go into relationships because of a man’s wealth, his looks, and benefits, and that such a woman should stop deceiving herself.


She disclosed that the reason most women stumble in relationships is that they are not intentional. She revealed that an intentional woman has a mindset when going into a relationship where she decides if she wants s€x or marriage in a relationship.

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She concluded that when a man is not ready to marry a woman, there is nothing the woman can do about it. She disclosed that no matter what the woman does to impress him, he will still not find her worthy of marriage. She said that women must learn how to be intentional because it will enable them to know how to strategize and plan better ahead before going into any relationship.

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