VIDEO: “I have 10 Children and 16 Grandchildren, but I do not Know where they are” Charly Boy says (Video).

"I have 10 Children and 16 Grandchildren, but I do not Know where they are" Charly Boy says (Video).

Nigerian entertainer, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, has taken to social media to disclose that he gave birth to 10 children who have given birth to 16 children, but he does not know their whereabouts currently.

The veteran singer who made such disclosure through a video shared on his official Instagram page, stated that life is very funny, as he recalled how he was busy impregnating several women as a teenager while his mates were going to school.

According to Charly Boy, he now has 10 children and 16 grandchildren, but he does not know where they are and if they are in the registrar.

Charly Boy further recalled how he was getting married and divorcing several women around him until he finally met his wife, Diane, adding that both of them have stayed together for 45 years now.

The singer went ahead to state that he had promised to make sure that he was buried alongside with his power bike at a young age, but he has not driven bike for 5 years now.

The activist finally stated that he had promised to continue making his hair when he was young, but decided to shave off his hair when he discovered that they were falling off, adding that life has really happened to him.

Here is Charly Boy’s post below;

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