VIDEO: If Turji Is In Town Everyone Knows Because You’ll See Fighters With Weapons Around His House- Source

If Turji Is In Town Everyone Knows Because You'll See Fighters With Weapons Around His House- Source

On Saturday afternoon, the Nigerian Air Force carried out a raid in the Fakai community of Shinkafi area in Zamfara State, which led to the death of 12 persons including the relatives of the notorious bandits’ leader, Bello Turji.

According to media reports, the operatives of the Nigerian Air Force had taken the terrorists unawares with air bombardment while the terrorists were attending the naming ceremony of a baby in Turji’s compound.

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A source who spoke to Premium Times on condition of anonymity said that he had already left his house that day when he received calls that the community had been attacked. He said that at first, his family thought that it was bandits that were behind the attack, but they later knew it was the air force. He added that the terrorists were inside a mosque when the air force attacked them, but added that Bello Turji was not around when the attack was launched.

Speaking about how he knew that Turji was not around, the source who is a former councillor in Fakai community added – “If Turji is in the town, everyone knows because you’ll see his fighters with sophisticated weapons protecting his house. The naming was conducted in the morning while the normal women’s event was yet to start in the evening.”

Turji has been at the forefront of several attacks and killings in Zamfara and some parts of the North-West region. However, a few weeks ago, there were reports that he has repented, and is now helping to neutralize the unrepentant terrorists who unleashed terror on innocent citizens in parts of Zamfara.

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