VIDEO: Positive Effects Of Apple On People With Low Sex Drive

Positive Effects Of Apple On People With Low Sex Drive

Apple has a long history of use when it comes to the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. Although it is one of the most expensive fruits in the world with numerous health benefits.

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem many people are suffering from today. It occurs when a man can not maintain a hard-on for a long time. However, in this article in line with a publication on “Healthline”, we shall be looking at the effect of apples on people with low intercourse drive. 

According to a study, apples are rich in a compound called quercetin. This is an antioxidant compound and a type of flavonoid which may offer several health benefits such as promoting circulation, treating erectile dysfunction, and managing the symptoms of prostatitis. 

Experts reports that quercetin can help lower blood pressure at amounts greater than 500 mg per day. High blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction because blood vessel damage impairs blood flow to the private organs. It was reported that there is a 14% reduction in erectile dysfunction in males who had a higher fruit intake. This may be due to the flavonoid content present. 

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