VIDEO: Reaction As Masquerades Attack Assemblies Of God Church

Reaction As Masquerades Attack Assemblies Of God Church

Following the attack launched on worshippers, reactions have surfaced and here is one.

“I am disturbed by viral social media images purported to be of an aftermath of attacks by masquerades on the Assemblies of God Church in Shikal. This incident has become one too many in recent times.”

“May this be very clear: right to religion is a fundamental right. However, its exercise must be conducted in a manner that allows others to enjoy their fundamental rights as well.

While traditionalists have the right to invoke their sacred gods and worship them, caution must be exercised to ensure that their worship doesn’t prevent Christians from worshipping their own God too.”

‘It is sheer gangsterism and acts of terrorism to attack Christians worshipping. The society we are in is the land of the living and not the dead! If the dead choose to visit, they are tenants and should respect their landlords. When we go beneath the ground, we will continue the conversation.”

According to the rules of the traditional religion, masquerades aren’t suppose to enter the house of a Christian, let alone a church.

As a Christian, I ask for responsibility! The head of the shrine from where those violent spirits, who can’t respect the rights of Christians at their own Church, came must answer for this.

My eyes are keen to see what the elders will do but should no one take responsibility, the society should be ready for the day Christians will invoke Angels to come on earth and Christians will block roads and ask traditionalists not to go to shrines or farm. We are keenly watching but this madness must stop!

Barr. P D Kasam, YOWICAN Coordinator Langtang South.

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