VIDEO: Reactions As Court Orders University Lectures To Call Off Strike

Reactions As Court Orders University Lectures To Call Off Strike

Accordingly to the report published by Channel TV, The National Industrial Court has ordered the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), to call off the ongoing Strike.

However, In 2022, ASUU declared a one-month strike, beginning February 14, 2022. Some of the lecturer’s demands include the revitalisation of public universities, earned allowance, improved funding of state universities, and promotion arrears. The students have spent over six months at home.

The news headline has stirred mixed reactions among Facebook users, Read some of the reactions from Nigerians that come across the headline on Facebook:

1. Oya…. At this juncture ASUU must be magnanimous in patriotism and put the Nation first if really they meant well for our kids and younger ones. As a progressives union that they are, they should obey this Court order.

2. Court, go and drag them from their respective homes to the classrooms on empty stomachs. Is this the reason for the accelerated and hasty hearing on a complicated matter that is barely two weeks upon assumption of hearing?

3. You force the lecturers to the class, the student will be the one to pay the price. Lecturers may not teach with joy. There will always be that FG scar or injury in the minds of lecturers if they force Asuu through the industrial court to resume.

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