VIDEO: Reactions As Dead Native Doctor Walks Out Of Casket During Burial (DETAILS)

Reactions As Dead Native Doctor Walks Out Of Casket During Burial (DETAILS)

Shocking but true, a community in Nasarawa State, Nigeria, went under commotion as a supposedly dead Native Doctor rose and walked out of the casket at the point of burial two days after his departure.

Daily Times Nigeria confirmed that Mr. Godwin Ugeelu Amadu (59 years old), was declared dead by doctors at an undisclosed private hospital on the 5th of September, 2022, and was moved to the mortuary as the medical practitioners awaited the arrival of his eldest son, Mr. Jacob Amadu.

The story had it that the Native Doctor left an instruction before his death that on no account should his remains exceed three days in the hospital after his death and he must not be embalmed with formalin. Hence, his burial arrangement was hastened by the family to maintain the above instructions.

However, the burial ground was thrown into frenzy mode as the native doctor walked out of his casket at the point of burial. Sympathizers and families who were present at the burial ceremony were dazzled and everyone scampered to safety. It was established that the uncommon resurrection of Mr. Godwin Ugeelu Amadu has attracted visitors from far and near as they troop in to confirm if the story is true.

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