VIDEO: Reactions As Nigerian Women Wear ‘Aso Ebi’ To Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral In The UK

Reactions As Nigerian Women Wear 'Aso Ebi' To Queen Elizabeth's Funeral In The UK

According to news updates circulating the media, some Nigerian women have worn an attire that is popular in Nigeria, Aso Ebi, to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in the United Kingdom (UK). Apart from the women, other Nigerians also joined the Queen’s family in the funeral celebrations.

As revealed in the photos retrieved from Vanguard, Queen Elizabeth’s portrait was printed on the clothes. Vanguard also reports that the idea of wearing Aso Ebi to the funeral was initially a joke among the women until they dared to do it. They reportedly ordered them from Lagos.

As expected, social media users took to the comment section to react. Courage Aleburu hailed the women for showcasing Nigeria to the world and said Nigeria is always at the front. Princess Anita said they did the right thing and that they are expected to mourn the Queen as they are living a good life in the UK. Check out the screenshots below for the details.

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