VIDEO: “Stop Having S€x With A Man Who Isn’t Married To You Because It’s A Sin” Blessing CEO Educates Women

"Stop Having S€x With A Man Who Isn't Married To You Because It's A Sin" Blessing CEO Educates Women

Blessing CEO, who happens to be a well-known relationship and mental expert, has used her latest post to educate women about their relationship with men. She revealed that a woman should not have s€x with a man until he marries her legally because it is a sin. She made it clear that some women are fond of criticizing their fellow women for collecting money for s€x, but explained that some women who are leaving with their boyfriends have a higher body count than those who have been paid for it.

She disclosed that a woman who stays with her boyfriend without being legally married to him has more body counts and warned that such a woman has a risk of contracting diseases. She made it clear that a woman who is staying with her boyfriend is committing a sin of fornication because they have s€x all the time.

She advised women to stop having s€x with their boyfriends if they do not marry them, so as to avoid being used and dumbed by them. She made it known that women who have the highest body count are women who exchange their bodies for love, not money.

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She warned that having s€x with a boyfriend without being legally married means that such a woman is only having free s€x with the man. She concluded that she knows that many men will not be happy with her revelation because it will prevent them from having an easy time with women.

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