VIDEO: The Kidnappers Told Me That If I Asked Any Other Questions, They Would Kill Me—Freed Victim Explains

The Kidnappers Told Me That If I Asked Any Other Questions, They Would Kill Me—Freed Victim Explains

A freed kidnapped victim, Pa Muftau Lawal, who is the father of Adewunmi Kofoworola Babajide, a member of the Osun State House of Assembly representing Ede North State Constituency, has explained his experience in the Den of the Kidnappers and how they threatened to kill him if he didn’t stop asking questions.

According to Sahara Reporters, Pa Muftau was in front of his house in Ede town on the day that the incident happened, explaining that some strange people burst into his area. The boys that were playing football beside me ran away, but I couldn’t run, so they caught me.

They told me to climb on the motorcycle. I asked them where they were taking me to. The one that sat at the back told me that they were taking me to my son, so I kept quiet for a while.

I noticed that they were on the Ilesha route. I asked them again, “Where are you taking me to?” and the kidnappers told me that they would kill me if I asked any other question. They are driving the motorcycle at top speed until it gets dark.

They zoomed off to the bush and walked for hours before getting to a house where a herbalist was inside. They took me to the herbalist and left immediately.

After the herbalist performed some rituals, he asked me if we had a deity that we would worship in our family. I told him no because my family are Muslims, but I did tell him that my wife’s family will worship “Sango.”

The herbalist said that no wonder that I cannot be used. I later noticed he was calling the kidnappers to come and take me back. The kidnappers don’t answer until 6 days later, when they come around 3:00 am.

The kidnappers told me to climb back on the motorcycle again, and they drove me out of the bush. After we got out of the bush, they told me to enter a car. The driver of the car then took me to Lokoja and told me to go and report myself to the police station there.

It was the police that called my son, and my son arranged how I would get back to Osun state. However, the pa Muftau explains that police have engaged in an investigation to arrest the perpetrator who masterminded the incident.

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