VIDEO: The Queen’s Beekeeper Has To Tell The Bees About Her Death And Other Strange Traditions

The Queen's Beekeeper Has To Tell The Bees About Her Death And Other Strange Traditions

All around the world, people observe different traditional practices in their day to day activities.

Speaking of traditions, in a recent post shared by BBC pidgin, some of the strange traditions observed by the British when a Queen or King dies were listed.

1.Telling the Royal bees

As part of tradition for the death of Queen Elizabeth, her royal beekeeper has to inform the bees that are kept in the Buckingham Palace that she is dead and a new king selected.

The beekeeper is required to knock on the 4 bee hives one by one and tell them that she is dead.

Caption: The Royal beekeeper in Buckingham Palace.

2. Double birthday celebration.

During Queen Elizabeth’s lifetime as the Queen, she celebrated 2 birthdays, her original birthday and her official birthday. The new king, King Charles III is expected to continue the tradition.

The tradition was started in 1748 for King George II.

3. The broken stick tradition.

As part of the tradition for the burial of the dead Queen Elizabeth, the most senior officer in the Royal Household, which is the Lord Chamberlain is required to break his ceremonial white staff over the Queen’s grave to mark the end of his service to her.

Cation: Picture of Queen Elizabeth II and the current Lord Chamberlain.

The current Lord Chamberlain is Andrew Parker and the last time this tradition was performed was more than 70 years ago.

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Source: Twitter | BBC Pidgin

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