VIDEO: Those that were killed in Bello Turji’s house, were still inside mosque when they were struck-Source

Those that were killed in Bello Turji's house, were still inside mosque when they were struck-Source

According to a news that was published by the Premium Times Newspaper online this morning, it was reported that the former councillor in the Fakai community, who sought anonymity for security reasons, as said that, the terrorists who were killed during a raid on Bello Turji’s residence by Air Force personnel, were inside an uncompleted mosque when the soldiers struck.

Mr Bello Turji

He said he left the community for a business in Shinkafi around 1:58 pm in the afternoon but, did not reach his destination when he started receiving calls that, their community was under attack by bandits. Further talking, he said his family members thought bandits were the ones attacking but, they later called to say they were Air Force personnel.

He said, “I could hear the roaring of the jets. Those who were killed were militias (men and women) who were inside the mosque.”

The source further said that, “If Turji is in the town, everyone will know because, you will see his fighters with sophisticated weapons protecting his house. The naming was conducted in the morning while the normal women’s event was yet to start in the evening.”

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