VIDEO: Ummita’s death in Kano revokes Deborah’s killing in Sokoto as People alleges double standards online

Ummita’s death in Kano revokes Deborah's killing in Sokoto as People alleges double standards online

The death of Ummakulsum Sani Buhari, popularly identified as Ummita across social has revoked memories of Deborah Samuel who was killed by a mob in Sokoto State.

Ummakulsum Sani Buhari was killed by a Chinese national who allegedly stabbed her to death after following her to her parent’s house in Kano State.

The unexpected death of Ummakulsum Sani Buhari follows her alleged refusal to accept a relationship offer made by the Chinese national in Janbulo, Gwale Local Government Area (LGA) of Kano State.

However, the news of Ummakulsum Sani Buhari’s death has been compared to the death of Deborah Samuel by some social media users on Twitter who disclosed their dissatisfaction with the handling of Deborah Samuel’s death in Sokoto State.

Some people pointed out the difference existing between the apprehension and treatment of the perpetrators of the Chinese national who stabbed Ummakulsum Sani Buhari while the killers of Deborah Samuel are still uncounted for by the security operatives.

Others faulted those double standards and condemnation by some popular figures who have chosen sides on what death to condemn or overlook in the country.

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