João Ramos do Nascimento, gave birth to pele on October, 23, 1940 in Minas Gerais, Brazil,.

Joao was also a prominent footballer himself but never became as famous as his son.

Joao lived in the countryside in Brazil, but couldn’t achieve much due to poverty.

Pele his son grew up in the neighborhood with an undue passion for football and grew up to excel with his prowess and hard work.

He played at Santos FC between (1956-and 1974) before a highly rated move to New York Cosmos in the summer between (1975-and 1977).

After successful years in his football career, he eventually retired in 1977, with different records and awards to his name.

He scored a total of 1,283 goals within 1,363 matches.

He banged the record of highest goal scorer in FIFA history and in football as a whole.

It was on record that he scored over 85 hat tricks.

His prowess knew no bounds.

Maradona on the other hand excelled with the Argentina national team winning several awards to his name but not as the highly referred pele.

He was Born on the 30 October 1960 at the  Lanús, Argentina, however, he died on 25 November 2020 at  Dique Luján, Argentina.

Maradona got  91 caps and scored 34 goals in four world cups, he won the world cup in 1986 in Mexico for Argentina.

He scored a total of 259 club goals with 491 appearances at club levels.

Pele seems to surpass Maradona in all facets both with clubs and with the country. It was assumed that there is a high probability that most of the goals scored by pele were offside goals due to the lack of offside rules during his time.

Maradona was quite unfortunate as, during his time, football rules had become stricter.

Certain claims were also made that some of pele goals were in unofficial matches.

However, records and statistics show that pele surpasses Maradona.


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